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Animal Collective - Live at the 9:30 (2009) - Full Set

  September 27, 2015  ~    730.66 MB
Animal Collective - Live at the 9:30 (2009) - Full Set




After announcing that a new album is being produced (the follow up to 2012' Centipede Hz), Animal Collective released a live album of their 2013 show at the 9:30 Club, a place they've been many times already.
This is the recording of their 2009 show streamed by NPR. Highlights of this show are the incredible reworks of old goodies like Lablakely Dress, Slippi, Who Could Win A Rabbit and Chocolate Girl which is, as i'm aware, the only song from their album debut "Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They're Vanished" they've played live*.

00:00:00 - Chocolate Girl
00:12:45 - Summertime Clothes
00:18:35 - Guys Eyes
00:27:40 - What Would I Want? Sky
00:35:31 - Comfy in Nautica
00:42:40 - My Girls
00:50:20 - Slippi
00:53:40 - Daily Routine
01:05:30 - Bleed
01:11:13 - Lablakely Dress / Fireworks
01:27:00 - Banshee Beat
01:39:00 - Who Could Win A Rabbit
01:44:28 - Brothersport

*Update: As of 2016, Animal Collective have now played another song from their album debut. A reworked version of Alvin Row (the fantastic closer of that record) has been played in many shows during the band's tour for their new album, "Painting With".